Forever Heavy

enjoy the sights and sounds

"Do as nature commands you" -Johnny Bends
The garage is gone be hosting this little shindig tonight, come thru for some raunchy rock and roll!  Doors @ 7, 3 bucks before 9oclock, 5 after.  There will be a keg and pong tables, as well as fire pits and a hookah section.  Shout out to @radprostudios for the help and support tonight and all the awesome artists bringing the tunes.
Come party with us, next Friday at mayas cafe!  13627 magnolia ave, corona ca.  Show starts at 730 on July 11th!
Our babies are getting big :)
Come thru, it’s going down tonight in Corona at Mayas cafe!  #thegarage #psychedelic #ruinsofneptune #endseat #astralnauts
@ jakes of pasadena for the #eclecticroots  stage.  #makemusicpasadena  #goodvibes
These pilgrims @ #makemusicpasadena #eclecticroots
My #wcw. <3
Finally got a second to breathe and post up this bad boy from the last garage show.  I’d like to say thank you to all the bands that came thru and made it possible, plus everyone that contributed to the drawing and @borbzz for making all the bands sounds awesome.  Without all you guys, the shows wouldn’t be even half as cool as they’ve been.  I’m so appreciative of all the support you guys give and even more so for letting me get lost in your guys music.  Here’s to many more!  #thegarage #gettingoutofthegarage #localmusic #shamancult #clitorati #goodrockysrevolver
After our set at DBA, we kept the party going!  #100happydays #musicworship #idoitfortheloveandhappiness #dontcallhercherry  #birotethemusical #astralnautband